Slice #25: Imagination

As I sit here thinking about what I’d like to “slice” today, I’m smiling at my four year old who is making obstacle courses for when his brothers come home. He keeps taking down, rebuilding, trying out, rebuilding, taking down, etc. It’s all centered around one of those foam pool noodles that I bought him at the grocery store on our way home. It has been a cannon, a limbo bar, a sword, a log, a telescope, a tree, a curtain rod… You name it! 🙂 It’s amazing to watch his imagination at work! It looks like it will finally come to rest as a cannon, situated between the stair railing, that will “shoot” legos at his brothers upon their arrival! Good plan, kid. Good plan. 

photo (11)


32 thoughts on “Slice #25: Imagination

  1. Looks like your students are linking as quickly as mine are! heehee!

    It’s amazing how every toy ends up as some kind of bomb or projectile when a boy is on the other end of it. If you show up at school with welts, we will know why. Great photo!

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