Slice #30: Vacation

Vacation is always a struggle for me… Don’t get me wrong. I loooooove me some vacation, but I always have this inner struggle going on – especially when I’m home and not away. My mind goes through a battle of what I want to do and what I “should” be doing. There’s always work to do when I’m home – cleaning, laundry, school work… you name it! And the worker bee in me feels it all hanging over my head. Then there’s the lazy, vacation girl in me telling me to just sit on the couch and enjoy. So that’s what I’m doing right now. However, I can’t quite shake that little devil on my shoulder that’s telling me to get up and get busy! Aaaaahhhh…. vacation.


17 thoughts on “Slice #30: Vacation

  1. The dilemma of a “stay-cation.” But I find myself saying sometimes all I want to do on break is come home, close my door, and stay in until it’s time to go back to school- and let everyone think I went away so I can get all the things that pile up at home caught up!

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