Slice #24: Rural vs. City

We are on our way home from my son’s All Star basketball tournament in Hanford, California. They placed third! 🙂 Hanford was a quaint little rural town and reminded me a lot of where I grew up… Green fields, tractors, pick up trucks, Ma and Pa shops and restaurants, and the smell of manure filling the air. Now, as we drive along the 5 freeway, I find myself wondering which I prefer – the crowded, trafficky, smog-filled city or the small, podunk, manure-scented rural town? The answer is pretty easy for me. I love sitting in the 1920s ice cream parlor that makes its own ice cream from its own dairy, seeing neighbors wave to each other as they drive down the street, and counting the rows of alfalfa along the road. It’s my favorite. I’d take that down home feel over the crowded city any day! Someday I’m going to sit on my porch, face my rockin chair toward the west, and know that everything is just as it should be.


Slice #23: Life Skills

I’m worried about our kids. I’m seeing it more and more everyday. It’s almost as if it’s an epidemic. When I was growing up, my mom’s motto for not-so-great times was “suck it up!” You fell down during a basketball game – you didn’t lay there and start crying. You got back up, “sucked it up”, and ran it off. You didn’t do so well on an assignment or a test, you learned from it, “sucked it up”, and moved on. You had problems with friends, you talked it through, figured out how YOU were contributing to the problem, discussed how to deal with it, “sucked it up”, and moved on. Nowadays, more and more parents want to shelter their kids – never wanting them to fail or have to deal with something and just “suck it up!” Failure was once a way to measure success. Now it is forbidden and even condemned. At one time we learned from our mistakes. Now kids are sheltered and even prevented from making them. The sad truth is that we are disabling our kids and not equipping them with the coping skills necessary for life. We are creating a nation of wimps. I’m not saying we should raise a bunch of heartless kids who are encouraged to never succeed. But I am saying that if we don’t allow them to fail and learn how to deal with matters of the heart, they will never truly know what it means to succeed. So here’s to “sucking it up” and teaching our kids how to cope and live a well-rounded life!

Slice of Life #22: Fridays

I love Fridays! I think part of it is that it’s almost the weekend – of course! But I also think it’s because I’m all about having things “wrapped up” or completed, so to speak. I don’t like tasks hanging over my head – it totally stresses me out! 🙂 So Fridays are wonderful because we bring everything to completion in the classroom. We take tests and turn in remaining items so that all is finished for another week. It’s like we get it all together, wrap it up, and mail it off, never having to worry about it again. And THAT makes me happy! 🙂

Slice #21: Oh! To Be a Kid Again!

I saw the cutest ecard the other day that said something like, “Are there rollover minute for those naps I never wanted to take as a kid but sure would like to now?” Isn’t it the truth?! Oh how wonderful to be a kid again. You think you have cares, but you really don’t have a care in the world! Someone is paying for all of your stuff and providing you a home… You get to go to school where you get to do fun stuff and play with your friends… You get to play outside and watch cartoons while someone else is cooking for you, washing your clothes, and worrying about the everyday problems of life. Not you! You only have yourself to worry about – and let’s face it! You really don’t have much to worry about!

Slice #20: Bible Characters

I was watching The Bible on the History Channel with my family last night, and I’m really enjoying it. I love watching God’s Word come to life. It always makes it more real somehow when you see it acted out by real people just like you and me. It made me realize how people have always been the same. God used, and still uses, the most ordinary people to do His work. I envy the fact that so many of God’s people were able to speak to Him directly or hear his voice and directions. Sometimes I wish He would do that for me… All of a sudden a light shines brightly on me and I hear His voice telling me the direction He wants me to go… However, I suppose that’s where FAITH comes in. He shows me in other ways. I just pray that I have the wisdom to see it. 🙂

Slice #19: Kids

I was inspired by another blogger’s post about kids… so I thought I’d write a little poem about my own three boys. 🙂
Three little gifts
Each unique
Smarty, crazy, ornery
Never a dull moment.
Testosterone galore!
Each competitive
Wrestling, yelling, playing
Never a quiet night.
Precious loves
Each snuggling
Squeezing, loving, cuddling
Never lonely.
Big boys
Each growing
Learning, changing, becoming
Never the same again.

Slice #18: Life

I was struck today by the truth in the fact that LIFE is so unpredictable. You never truly know what will happen next. I was also struck by the extreme need for God in pretty much every aspect of life. In the hard times, we need His strength and the hope He provides. In the scary times, we need Him to hold our hand and help us through. In the sad times, we need the joy and hope of a better tomorrow. In the good times, we need a loving Father who rejoices with us. Life is hard. It can be fun… it can be uncertain… it can be trying… it can be exciting… it can be tiring… But I truly feel sorry for the people who try to live it without knowing the God who holds the master plan.